Friday, January 30, 2009

Week Two

Color me sleepy.

Work, school, and the winter blues have conspired to sap whatever extra energy I normally store in my pocket, and all I want to do is crawl under the covers, perchance to dream of Spring. Hmm ... Spring. Unpredictable, quickening, lavender-soaked Spring. When the hearts of young men and old farts turn to ...

But I digress.

Thankfully, President Obama (I just love saying that) and his industrious band of go-getters, are on the case, unaffected by Winter's downward spiral.

Just a few tidbits from Week Two:

  • Interviewed on an Arab TV News Station - half will say this proves he's Muslim, half will say it proves the age of panic is over, and the rest will be busy watching the Family Guy online.

  • Signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, negating the Supremes ruling that you have to file unequal pay complaints within 180 days - whether you know you're being discriminated against or not.

  • Established a Middle Class Task Force headed by VP Joe Biden. Someone made comment about putting Joe in charge of the garden instead. Wankers can type too.

  • Signed four executive orders in support of unions. Must really be getting pissed about corporate greed.
No, that's not the full boat. Did I mention I'm very sleepy?


rebecca said...

I know I've said it here before that I love the cold (and I do!) but all I'm seeing around me now is ice. Blah! Where's the snow?!!

But I digress....I, too, want to smell the lavender of Spring. I'm wanting to open my windows and let the sun and air in and bring new life into my hibernated house. I'm ready. Plus, if this winter lasts any longer, I will undoubtedly go up another dress size. Winter does that to makes me want to eat foods that fill and warm the belly....and, oh, what a belly I'm sportin'!

President Obama. When you wrote that you love saying his name and title, I laughed because I feel the same way. I can't think of any other president that I've felt such a connection to. I'm confident that good things will continue to come. The man is brilliant and fair. I admire and respect that he slammed into Wall Street re. bonuses calling it for what it was: "shameful and the height of irresponsibility." Thank you! So, let me get this straight and correct me if I'm wrong....we bail them out so part of those funds can go towards their bonuses? When millions are getting laid off? WTF?!! I'm just happy that finally we're getting to see a President who's not going to put up with this bullsh*t any longer.

Glad to see you got out of those covers for a bit Miss Fe! I've missed ya!!!!

Janie said...

That lavender spring sounds pretty nice. I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, Obama.
Wpeaking to the Islamic nations in a non-confrontational manner is such a refreshing change. I have to believe those nations think so, too. Obama has a lot of work to do, just in reversing the wrong steps of the last 8 years, but he's made a good start.
Good work in keeping up a running summary of accomplishments.

CoyoteFe said...


Ha! (Let me say it again) Ha! Welcome to the land of the warm-blooded! At least until it snows and you go all goofy for the cold again. My boss is a winter-freak. I'm thinking it's a mutation of some sort. We all can't wait until April when he starts rgowling at teh daffodils. ooop! I digress again - or always. Let us not talk of dress sizes. Can't handle winter AND reality in the same discussion. I am looking forward to Obama standing large on many fronts. So little time, so much arse to kick!

Thanks for the kind words, Sister. The covers get old quite quickly!

CoyoteFe said...

Halllooo, Janie!

Out here, we get so sick of Winter that we have a town that yanks a poor groundhopg out of his warm ... warren, is it? ... to see if Spring might come a bit earlier. Color us desparate! I always agive high marks to one who seeks to talk about the violence, drama and hatred, instead of maintaining a stand-off. More talk, less bark!