Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Breath of Bliss

Have you ever experienced a momentary sense of bliss? As if you passed over a ley line, or brushed against a barrier between worlds, or something magical brushed by you – only for an instant – then moved on?

I feel such every once in a while. I felt it this evening. A brief sensation when it seems everything converges to create a sense of right-ness, right now. Always I am driving, and I get this feeling that I just passed something wholly good, and meant for me in particular. A sweet pause, that lingers, captured by inadequate memory. I have no idea what this good is. No thought or action brings it on. I have nothing with which to predict it, or attempt to reproduce it. There are no markers with which to identify the cause. It is invisible and silent and non-manifest. And, yet it gently triggers ever sense simultaneously.

I have come to recognize the ghost of a scent, a taste, a sense of pressure. And, it produces a breath of well being that is just passing by as it registers. Then it is gone, and it is so remarkable that I cannot mourn its passing.

Perhaps it is a coincidence of firing synapses and air pressure. Or a dream teasing from the sub-conscious. Or spirits playing tag.

Whatever it is, it is only for a moment. Then gone. And, I am left in bliss.