Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day Three: WTF?

As I type this, Wolf Blitzer is on CNN contrasting the Obama Administration's expressed emphasis on diplomacy, as the key to resolving international conflicts, with the continuation of drone bombings in Pakistan. On Friday, two alleged al-Quaeda targets in the North Waziristan agency of Pakistan were bombed, killing 18.

The Pakistan government had hoped, and has asked for a cessation of the bombings.

Yesterday, the agenda was dominated by a push to implement his stimulus package, and an understated reversal of the ban on federal funding for international clinics that perform and inform about abortions. Yes, important stuff, but Obama has yet to even comment on the continued bombings in a sovereign nation and ally.

That's important too.

We all know we have a lot of work today. There is no time for retracing the same broken territory.


Spartacus Jones said...

Imagine my surprise.


CoyoteFe said...

Ha! No you're not.
Still like him.

Anonymous said...

goes to show you! You can "change" the personality leading the U.S., but you can't change the policies.

What Pakistan says publicly about not wanting attacks occurring within their borders and what is really being said behind closed doors are completely different.

Karzai needs to talk tough or he'll be ousted. The dollars sent to Pakistan are in part keeping Karzai in power.

If Karzai and Pakistan are serious about their sovereignty and the out rage of the attacks. They would be at the UN, asking other nations to denounce the US and most importantly they can tell the US we can't use the current supply routes into Afghanistan.

simply said there's a boogeyman man in the room.

San said...

The workload is staggering. For all of us.

I confess: I don't have a handle on the Pakistan issue. I do find it very scary, however.

rebecca said...

Miss Fe, where are you hiding? We miss ya....

CoyoteFe said...

Welcome ... umm ... Anonymous!

Let us not be premature. Sure we can change personalities AND policies. We do, however, seem to have a limitation on the number of balls we can keep in the air, the number of things we can care abour - not to mention the number of things we can agree on.

Thanks for the information and perspective on the Pakastani government. What that proves is that nothing is ever just what it seems. Layers upon layers upon layers ...

Hello, San! Miss you!
Cannot understand why anyone would want to be President of anything, let alone a big dog of a country. The world is very scary, but I cannot think of a time when it wasn't. Be well!

I have been sleepy and reading, writing, working, and, did I say, sleeping? BAD BLOGGER ME! Maybe it's the wine - Ha! I will try to do better!

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