Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stone Cold

Dark winter night at Immaculata U

It’s been around 15 degrees all day. That’s Fahrenheit, for all you cool international types. Even worse, it dropped to 4 last night. 4 degrees. No mention of a wind chill factor to make us feel the cold, but not feel the cold. I thought there was something wrong with the thermometer in the car, because it only registered one digit. I almost tapped it (like a digital display would feel that). Oh. Crap, it’s cold.

I don’t mean to whine, but we’re not used to these temperatures down here near Philadelphia. Isn’t 30 cold enough? Anything below 30, and I have to put on my coat. Coats are bulky, unwieldy, and often require companions like hats, scarves and gloves. Wearing accessories for something I didn't want to wear in the first place makes me cranky. Anything below 25, and my nose hair freezes. Most of the time, I don’t even notice that I have nose hair. When I do, I stop reveling in the crispness of the air, the naked trees against the morning sky … and get crankier.

Who said seasons were supposed to be painful? And, who decided we should leave our cradle of civilization in Africa in the first place. Sure, there are sandstorms, hostile tribes, famines, bizarre diseases and monsoons, but things are tough all over. The point is: it’s warm. Trade winds. Jungles. Unrelenting deserts. OK, that last one started the pendulum swinging back in the other direction.

Hey, I just looked up the temperature in Niger, home base for Esther of
Ishtar News, and it’s going to be 96 tomorrow (Road trip!). Not feeling the Dark Continent? Then, how about Hawai’i? Trade winds? Surfers? A balmy 77. Rio? Beaches? Dancing? 84. Australia? Sea and sharks and cool people with cool accents? 91. Mexico? Hot people with hot food and cool accents? A quite sensible 64. Recovering New Orleans? More cool people with cool music and cool accents? 58. See? There are scads of places where mittens are not required.

I know. I know. The struggle to survive in inhospitable climates has allowed the human race to adapt, innovate, conquer and progress. Blah, blah, blah … And a temperate climate exists in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. Places with deep, green deciduous forests and daffodils, soaring mountains and skiing … blah blah blah …

In the interest of full disclosure, please note: I will be singing a completely different tune come May, when a soft breeze carries the scent of lilac and the trees are filled with birds. And, I find no hypocrisy at all in my seasonal opinions, thank you. Also, I’m cold enough to complain, but not to move, so maybe I do just want to whine.

As I write this, the temperature has risen to a balmy 19 degrees. Could Spring be far behind? Please?


One Red Horse said...

HA! I was just thinking it is about time for a new bit of wit over at Coyote Road. Bwalah. It appears like magic in the frozen night. And I am not even going to whine about my pitiful, measly cold front of, er, 40 degrees. Check that, we have a full on balmy evening relative to most of the country.

CoyoteFe said...

Ha! I need to get on a plane somewhere.

And, now I have to stop whining about my four degrees. I just read Hilinda's post over at Swordmaster's Apprentice. Fighting fires in sub-zero temps in upstate NY whilst maintaining a sense of humor. Argh! I'll just shut up and make the tea now ...

rebecca said...

miss felicia,

I have to tell you that I, for one, am LOVING it! Yes, I know, very strange coming from someone who carries 50% Spanish blood! Yes, I have ice everywhere I look, but I am laying here in bed reading your words in short sleeves with my window slightly open. My house is always cold, that's the way I like it- if I get too cold, then I put layers. God I hate the heat! Hate it! And the evil beloved, this is where I get even, because his pajamas consists of a fleece sweatshirt and sweatpants and socks. Yeah, he's 100% Latino blood so he's suffering! LOL!

Loving it Miss Felicia, do you hear me? Just plain giddy about it! Whohoo!!!

TRXTR said...

Obviously it is time for you to be coyote-true. Where is the trickster in you? Have you lost your coyote capacity for adaptability/ mutability/ transform-ability? As a Philly native, I know it can get cold out there-- but isn't that the challenge? Come to SoCal and thaw out! Maybe that will help you recover some of your coyote nature.

CoyoteFe said...

Rebecca-san -

Yer outta yer evil mind! If we were meant to live in such condistions, our body temp would be 28, not 98! Freeze on sister. I'll be waiting for you on the other end, singing "April Come She Will" and "June is Bustin' Out All Over!" So, in August, does your evil love cook with hot sauce and refuse to turn on the AC? Ha!

Greetings, TRXTR -

Welcome to the road! Love your couplet, but I'm not buyin'. If it even bothered to snow, I would dance through it, but this grey, haunted forest valley thing (and you know of what I speak)? It is to be endured, not embraced. I'll transform when the snowdrops bloom. :-P

Lori Skoog said...

Fe...Rebecca has to be kidding....I have maxed out with the cold and welcome a break. Today we may hit the mid twenties or a little higher, but we have snow and wind. My ponies need a change and so do I. I hope you wear a coat all the time during the winter months...even when it is 30!!!

Did you catch Obama's Train yesterday?

rebecca said...


I have to admit that I love April. April is a beautiful month. Buds start a-blooming and all that but the rains, eh. I'll even admit to liking June(if it's not a heatwave). July and August? Oh, dear Lord, I SUFFER! Suffer! And, yes, it is the time the evil beloved gets even with me because even if it's 150 degrees outside, he refuses to put the AC or even a fan! Now isn't that a good indication that the man is evil? LOL! I guess we're a family of extremes here!

Lori-I wish I were lying! But, dear heart, I am not. I was never this way. I think the mix between high BP and the fact that these days I am forever in the land of men.o.pause, the hormones are just way out of control. I don't sweat, I don't wake up sweating....none of that. I'm just hot all the time! No, very, very strange....

CoyoteFe said...


I hear ya! And, you're out in the elements WAY more than I. Wore a coat for the first time in two years Friday night, And, yes, Mom SNARLS (literally baring her teeth) about it. I caught the train on TV (ha!). Claymonth and Wilmington are on the way to my parent's home, but there was NO WAY I was standing out there.

Rebecca-san -

What about bonny May? Not too hot, blue skies, lilies-of-the-valley, green trees and grass ... The most blessed month. But, no fan either?Just TICKLED that you torture each other so! And, that's your soul-fire warming you.

Esther Garvi said...

Fe, there's a plane coming in to Niger tomorrow. That should settle it.


But by the way, winter finally stepped in this morning and we were cold - until I realised the fan was still on... As for colourful settings, winter often comes with Harmattan, which is a layer of dust, so today, I have low expectations for my solar cooker... But temperatures are far above your 30F. Don't know for sure what that translates to in celcius degrees, but I'm not in a sweater-needing mood yet.

Here's some virtual warmth to keep you happy!!!

CoyoteFe said...


Wow! I so wish I were on it! And you are hilarious! "Winter's here! Oh wait - that's the FAN!" Bahahahah! Would,'t be a huge fan of the dust layer, but into each life a little dust must fall. Thanks for the virtual warmth!

Esther Garvi said...

Any day, friend!

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