Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolved …

Outrunning the storm from Penn State

Let us be resolved.

Let us be resolved to live our lives truly.
Let us be resolved to care fully.
Let us be resolved to love freely.
Let us be resolved to see clearly.

Let us be resolved to …
Open ourselves, our hearts and minds and spirits, to one another.
Substitute creation for destruction.
Discover the internal, rather than revere the exterior.
Forgive and forget.
Take a long-avoided risk.
Take a walk instead of taking offense.
Read a random book and listen to unfamiliar music.
Step toward something that brings happiness.
Stay up all night exploring.
Dance and sing, even if we like the way we do neither.
Let go of a portion of fear.
Listen and breathe.
Witness and pass along truth.
Be free.
Be kind,
Be strong.
Be happy.
Be resolved.


Ken Mac said...

i love the open road.

Lori Skoog said...

Fe....I love what you have written! Outstanding post.

One Red Horse said...

This is SUCH a great poem . . . be resolved - action rather than noun.
I keep reading and re-reading. Thank you!

Spartacus Jones said...

Nicely written.

Me, I'm not too heavily into that "forgive and forget" part, without some qualifications.

But I understand the gist.

Good sentiments.


rebecca said...


I like your resolutions. Steps towards the betterment of ourselves and mankind. Beautiful and perfect in their intent, my friend.

Esther Garvi said...

I loved that! It was beautiful all the way through. I love the way you express yourself with such flow, and keep the reader waiting for more...

Greetings from West Africa!

CoyoteFe said...

Ken -

Me too! So, there's another official resolution: To run the open road more.

Lori -

Thanks! Perhaps another should be to meet YOU!

Cherie -

Thank you, back! Interesting post of your about Argus on your Baba Yaga's Mirror Blog. Sending light to a horse in need.

Spartacus Jones -

Thanks for the comments! Luckily, I am fully qualified to fulfill that particular resolution. ;-)

Rebecca -

Thanks! Just trying to keep moving in the light. You know how cloying those shadows can be!

Esther -

Thanks, and Greetings from Eastern America!

San said...

Inspiring resolutions, Fe. May we all out-run the storm!

And may we run for each other when one of us grows tired!

To 2009 and all the hope it brings...

CoyoteFe said...

San! I have missed you!
I love your concept of running for each other when one grows tired. Would we all ...

2009 and the rise of inner strength.