Monday, July 7, 2008

Valley Forge Slice of Night

Since my attempts to photograph fireworks on the Fourth of July were a dismal failure, I decided to practice my night photography. Valley Forge has something well-lit - let’s try that! Stationary, lighted subjects are easier to catch than moving items MADE of light, right? Right?

In case you need to visit the park web site (Public Service Anouncements 'R' Us):

In Valley Forge Par, the deer are fat and happy … and virtually domesticated. Every once in a while, hired hunters thin the herd (which really pisses off the local hunters), and there are many deer vs. car encounters, but generally they live unmolested. The deer feed on the parklands, and don’t bother to raise their heads when cars go by. If you stop in front of them, they MAY deign to glance at you. If you lower a window, the sound annoys them, and they kind of sidle off - slowly. When I set off my flash, I swear they shot me a nasty look, before they faded into the night.

On a wind-swept hill, surrounded by car-eating cobblestones, stands the Memorial Arch, shining pale and regal in the night.

Then all else fell into darkness, and I turned toward home ...

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Lori Skoog said...

Hey Miss Smarty! Isn't night photography fun? And how about that music!!!!