Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blue Summer's Eve

There’s this point in summer when the rains come, and the heat loosens it grip for a moment. If all is quiet, you might hear something click. It's a marker for a subtle change, hard to notice in the rush to shore and mountain. But, sooner or later, you feel a slow drifting, as if the year has crested a hilltop, and is coasting down the lower valley.

The anticipation of June – realized or not – begins to give way. The magic that filled the air in mid-summer, blinks like the last fireflies. The nights are overheated, but the shadows are somehow deeper. The sun is still on fire, but its light begins to cant, as if to say, “This, and not much more, girl.”

I catch myself searching for that first scent of decaying leaves, that first crisp night, not sure if I want to embrace it or forestall it. So little play behind, and so much work ahead. Did I waste this summertime on too much labor and not enough love? Too much voice and not enough thought? Too much movement and too little dance? And, should I really be peering down the road to autumn when a part of summer remains undiscovered?

Tomorrow, the sun rises to release this blue evening, one more time … one more time … one more time … then done.


rebecca said...

i do not know if you are a writer by profession, but damn this was good! i felt i was reading a piece out of a literary journal. wow, coyote, you've left me humbled. i need to reread this and let it absorb.

since i've discovered your blog, everything you've written has been excellent...but i just loved the poetic feel of calmed my senses, much like reading Thoreau's walden.

CoyoteFe said...

Rebecca -
You are very kind. It's coming up on that time of year isn't it (transitions), when all the thoughts skitter, poetry runs, and judgement sleeps in? I am a writer, because I write, but have yet to become a professional. Any comparison between Thoreau and I would leave me wet and stinking IN the pond.:-)

Lori Skoog said...

See what I mean about your writing? Rebecca is right.
What a beautifully written piece. Have you sent anything to a magazine yet? I hope you are making copies of all these things.

CoyoteFe said...

Lori -

You are too kind as well. Maybe I will!