Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flowers for Lori

STILL practicing with my new camera ...

Lori from the The Skoog Farm Journal always posts beautiful flowers that lift the soul, so I thought I'd return the favor. OK, so they were not at my farm, because I don't have a farm. They were at work. In the lobby. By the odd fountain. It's the effort that ...

Did I mention the odd fountain?

I'd say this is our corporate mascot, but I'd be lying (sigh).

And, then there’s the outdoor fountain.

Looking at all this water on a hot, humid day, I started to think about the moist East, the dry West, and the rest of the world. They say water will be the next oil, and I believe them. In the East, our water competition is nothing close to that occurring in the west. There has a strain on teh water supply in some areas of the East (due to over-building), but usually, we only think about water during a drought. Lawns and gardens, dirty cars, and pools suffer, and we survive. In the west, we conserve out of necessity, have serious water-wars, and (as usual) it’s the rich vs. the poor. And, the winner is …

In a growing number of nations, however, water is not an easy resource like wind and sky; it’s a problem. Supplies are insufficient, polluted or difficult to access. Illness spreads. Children suffer. Factions fight. Women trudge too far, every single day, in the hot summer heat, or they thirst. There ae no taps, no water companies, no reservoirs to rely on and complain about. Water is power. Water is life.

And, here we have fountains, beautiful, meditation-friendly, soundscapes. Jump in and chase the geese fountains. Dance at midnight on the Parkway fountains. I love fountains. But, looking at these fountains, I just felt a bit over-blessed.

And, that, too, is life.

We just need to spread the blessings around a little more.


Lori Skoog said...

Fe...go girl!!! Love the pictures and what you wrote.
Glad to see that you are using your camera.

rebecca said...

oh, how i do so love the way you finalize with the statement that you feel over-blessed. and, we are. this post spoke to my heart. you and i are kindred spirits. i wrote something similar of the lack of food, not water, of third world countries prompted by a pulitzer prize picture that you may be familiar with. it struck a chord with it should.

love the way you write and the compassion and intellect behind your writing.... your posts speak of the times.

on another note, i'm sitting here listening to your sound track and not wanting to leave! right now listening to "little pink houses", of which i have the album, but the first two, who are they? love the music!

CoyoteFe said...

Rebecca - Thank you for the kind comment. I read your blog entry, and commented on your page. What an incredibly awful photograph! I wonder about the photographer, and feel for him as well. You treated it quite thoughtfully. Also, thanks for the good work as well!

The tunes are Washed by the Water (needtobreathe) and They Say-Vsiion (Res). The music player is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

lovely photos!

Poulsbo florist

CoyoteFe said...

Thank you, and thanks for visiting!