Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's 2011.
Another New Year.
Another chance to start anew.

We say our goodbyes to the old year like an friend - or enemy - departing on a train headed west.

We breathe. We tell ourselves that now is the time for a fresh start. Time to give up bad habits. To cultivate good ones. To make friends. To embrace family. To be more productive, more healthy, more loving and giving. To be the better/stronger/faster 'us' we've always wanted to be. The calendar turns over, and here is one more opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

But aren't those opportunities always with us?

Every time we wake up,
aren't we starting anew in some sense? Every time we leave the house, step forward, begin something, every time we pause and reconsider, aren't we reinventing some portion of ourselves, our lives, our world views?

That is, if we want to.

If we want to, we can make a habit of examining the old, keeping the valuable, and shedding the outmoded like dry skin. Over and over again, we can look at each day and step and meeting on the road as an opportunity for new-ness. Almost as if we had a sun to rise every 24 hours, awakening us with a fresh new morning, we too can rise with the expectation that at some time during this day there will be a chance to experience something new.

Tough prospect, this constant review and reinvention, huh? Who has the time and energy - or inclination - for that?

But yesterday, you said, you said, you said: "It's a New Year for a New Me!"

So why
is January 2nd less new-worthy than January 1st?


Lori Skoog said...

I'm going to faint! The Coyote is back with her sweet words of wisdom!
Happy New Year! Are you going to come and visit me in 2011? You can go to drumming with me....

As you can probably tell...I do love music (among all those other things).
Could you please stick around a little more?

CoyoteFe said...

You are very sweet!
one of my resolutions is to blog more regularly this year. In the past I have simply not had the time, but this is one of the things that one just has to MAKE time for. So I shall.

And, I think I should come visit in 2011 - would be thrilled to drum with you!

Have missed you girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fe,
So glad to hear that you plan to write more this year! I love to read your writing. Told Lori recently that I hoped you would write a book so I could read it.
As I was reading your post this morning I was thinking of Lori's experience with a rude cell phone user (before I read her comment).
I'm glad that I can spend so much time outdoors everyday. I can listen to what's in my head while I walk DJ through the woods or spend time daily in the barn.
Great news that you'll be visiting Lori in 2011! Hope you'll stop by at Christina's World, too.

CoyoteFe said...

Ha! I am working on being more disciplined with my writing this year Tina! Let me get to work on that book for you (egad!). I hope all is well with you and yours (including that wonderful superstar DJ!).

I think we should all spend more time outdoors and with people up close and personal. The upside is that without technology, I might not know you exist!

I hope to visit Lori when the weather turns warm and would love to meet you as well!