Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blessed Christmas to You

Christmas Eve is my favorite time of the season.

The malls are closed. The traffic has eased. Luminaries line the curbs of well-tended neighborhoods. The churches are filled with the glow of candlelight. The bouncy radio and television Christmas jingles -- accompaniment to all the frantic shopping and baking and wrapping -- give way to the pensive, poignant carols and hymns that always lead to ...

Silent Night.

Holy night.

Son of God.

Love's Pure light ...

Whatever you believe, whatever you hold dear, here's a free night of the quiet soul.


And Merry Christmas to You.

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Lori Skoog said...

Hey Coyote! Merry Christmas to you and your family too. I sincerely hope that 2011 brings more of your fabulous writing to this blog! Please share your words with us.

All the best.