Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear God ...

What the hell is going on?

Now Chile?

Forgive my presumptive complaining, and maybe this isn't your handiwork, but:

An 8.8 Earthquake (because a thousanth of that wasn't enough)?
400,000 made homeless in an hour?
Another opportunity to saddle up, and dig out the dead?
Another opportunity to be woefully unprepared?
Another opportunity to see our daily problems as petty echoes of true suffering?
Another opportunity to rise to our better selves?

Seems to me that someone's nudging us down the highway toward hell.

Can you point us toward a rest stop?


Spartacus Jones said...

That's God for you.
Half Woody Allen and half Charles Manson.


CoyoteFe said...

But we're not bitter.Yet another post I'll be trying to explain away at the pearly gates. :-)

mountain.mama said...

I believe it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

CoyoteFe said...

Dig that MM! Maybe all the tussling we've done for hundred and hundreds has finally taken its toll.