Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buried - Part Deux

Sometimes, you just have to sigh and put it down.

As my Mom says when she wants us to place things in their proper perspective: "No matter what you do, the sun's going to come up tomorrow morning like nothing ever happened."

Work, politics, relationships. financial concerns, religious conflicts, disaster, oppression. Sometimes it all seems so relentless, like a blizzard birthed clear across the country, flowing eastward, eastward, Eastward, Ho! All the preparation in the world comes down to doing what you can do.

And the sun will rise tomorrow.

And we will start again.

A few hardy souls

DO have to say one thing though:

Hey! Did you have to park so close to my car???


mountain.mama said...

Ho ho ho?

CoyoteFe said...

Ha! Don't blame St. Nick! he's on vacation in Tahiti like all sane folks.

Carolyn said...

Okay, enough is enough! Stay warm!

CoyoteFe said...

That's what I'm saying Carolyn! And, I like snow! But, it's up to my thighs around my car. My son's best friend is coming to dig me out. HE IS A SAINT!

Think spring! :-)

Maryanne said...

I think your music should be "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie."

"The sun will come out TOMORROW, betcher bottom dollar that TOMORROW, there'll be SUN...."

CoyoteFe said...

And it DID come out didn't it! I even got the car out. Okay three people WAY younger than I got my car out! yea!