Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playing Tag with the Sun

It’s the first day of summer, and I am still waiting for the sun to take up its rightful residence.

Sure, she arrived with the Spring. She blazed to warm the earth. She politely yielded to the rains in respect all the things that needed growing, but then she seemed to forget to return. And, now she seems loathed to do so.

Rain, rain! Go away! Come again some other day!

Didn’t work.

April showers bring May flowers.

Yes, but what do May showers bring? And, June thunderstorms that shake the very earth?

Baby, can you stop the rain?

Apparently not.

Say - Can I PAY someone for a … sun-fluffy-cloud-blue-skies dance? Really.

Meanwhile …

It’s the Summer Solstice. That longest day with shortest night. That celebration of the triumph of all that is green and warm and full-out blooming mixed with the recognition that the power of the summer god must now begin to yield to the silver god of winter. Why are all the god chronicles so very, very neurotic?

Meanwhile …

The paranormal, metaphysical ones consider THIS solstice a special solstice (link here), complete with planetary vibrations heralding a new age, complete with connections to both the Mayan calendar and the Harmonic Convergence. There is the expectation of a rising wave of energy that can remove the things that have been clogging up your mind and soul. Have something you would really like to happen? Focus. Make plans now. If not now, when? But, isn’t that always so? Umm … what are you waiting for?

Meanwhile …

I am sick of hoping for the sun. I am sick of rushing out to bask in an hour of sunbeams. I usually love rain, but enough. So this afternoon I vowed to chase it. Yes, you have a solar system, a sky and a horizon. I only have a car and a will.

Silly me.

Tag! You’re it!

Blessed Solstice.


Lori Skoog said...

Fe...I don't blame you for being sick of the rain. We apparently have had more sun over here, but have had a soaking just in the last week. I know what you mean. Maybe the Solstice will bring you a present.

mountain.mama said...

I feel your pain, it's raining today, it's been raining since the end of May. Good thing the sun shines even when we can't see it. Happy Solstice!

Carolyn said...

Fe, I am sorry that I have been wining about all the blue sky we have had in a land of perpetual rain. I do know how you feel and will never complain about the sun again! Happy Solstice and smiles

Janie said...

Best of luck for more sunshine and an unclogging of the brain. I'm hoping for the same. Lovely photos of the sun peeking out over your world.

Ken Mac said...

your chase paid off! Nice sun shots

San said...

Beautiful sun-chasing sequence of photos, Fe. You made it to the sun--good for you. Happy Solstice (belatedly).