Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crazy Wimmin

I saw a tiger ...

So I’m driving home from work last night, listening to the radio, and this screeching tone interrupts the song. You know the one – that Emergency System tone that modulates from shriek to squeal to growl for 20 seconds in a bid for your attention, as if the first three seconds is not enough. In the past, you’d be treated to this cacophony, only to hear, “This is a test. This is test of the Emergency Message System.” Lately, however, there haven’t been many tests. Lately that awful sound precedes an Amber Alert. A child is missing, and giving the statistically short window for recovering kidnapped or lost children, the police are asking for all eyes now, if you please.

The Amber Alert asked for all to be on the look-out for a missing 9-year old. I simultaneously sent up a prayer that they find her in one piece, and listened for additional information. It is in another county, so I won’t see any suspicious cars driving by. The girl’s mother was also kidnapped. By two black men.


I can almost feel heads nodding in this area, “Of course.” I can also almost hear others wondering if this is real or just another Crazy Wimmin hoax. I simultaneously pray for the victims and protest the jaded among us who are willing to tar an entire race as criminal because of yet another violent crime perpetrated by “black men”. And, I protest those who are quite willing to believe that this is just another woman making up an African-American bogeyman.

It’s a strange phenomenon, these women who make up attackers and color them black, as if that will male their story more believable. There was that woman who drove her car into a river with her two small children in the backseat, and blamed it on black men. There was the woman who carved a ‘B’ in her own face, and blamed it on a large, black, disgruntled Obama supporter. Surely there is a limit to the number of crazy women who do bad things and make up fictitious black assailants to blame them on. Surely a real daughter and real mother are in real danger, requiring hard-nosed investigators and dogs and door-to-door searches. Surely there are bad men in need of capture and punishment. So I prayed for the safe recovery of little girl and her mother.

I checked for news today, hoping for a happy ending. We could do without another murder – especially that of a child – for forever, frankly. Here is what I read. Seems the mother called 911 from her cell reporting that she was thrown in the trunk of a car with which she had had a traffic accident. Her daughter was in the car too. Seems the father came on the Today Show begging for the return of his daughter and ex-wife. Seems the police did indeed go door-to-door seeking leads, and later found her car in Center City. Seems there’s now some Philadelphia Airport video showing the mother and daughter boarding a plane to Orlando, Florida. Fake ID, cash payment for one-way tickets, the whole ugly shebang.

All those people looking. All those police resources spent. All that fear. The father’s tears, another daughter (left behind) writing beseeching messages on their mother’s Facebook account. All the angst and all the prayers … wasted. Well, maybe not the prayers; they are apparently not in danger.

The police are no longer looking for two black male kidnappers in Philadelphia. Instead, the FBI is now looking for a 9-year old girl and her mother in Florida.


Oh wait. I just checked. They found the mother and daughter, and took them into custody. The FBI must be thrilled.


rebecca said...

I remember the story fabricated by the mother who drove her two kids into the river saying they were kidnapped by a black man. I also remember, was it Chris Rock?, who said in a joking manner but in all seriousness, that NO black man in America would ever drive a car with two white kids in the backseat. Not ever. And it is the truth. Despite emancipation, despite our current BLACK president, despite the contributions of blacks by way of creativity, talent, intellect, peace, and forgiveness, sadly many still have not overcome. I can't give an opinion to this, Fe. I'm just once again so disappointed in the human race. I'm sorry, I just don't have it in me to comment on senseless, ignorant, blind bigotted issues anymore.

mountain.mama said...

What agony it is when someone behaves in such a way to harm so many people. It seems that when it comes to racism that we move one step forward and two steps back.

Carolyn said...

Thank you for the provocative post and cause for thought. We also have a missing nine year girl here and there is so much hurtful speculation flying around. They have two people with kidnapping and first degree murder but to not have the have to wonder if they were profiled or if there is real evidence. We don't here any!
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings and smiles

CoyoteFe said...

I feel ya! But what did Dylan Thomas Say, "Rage against the dying of the light"? I want her to know that her behavior is unacceptable all around. And, if she's sick, then she has to get some help before she endangers anyone else. Argh!

Mountain Mama -
I feel so badly for the two fathers and her other two daughters. So much love and regard for her. It must sting.

Carolyn -
Sending light your way. I cannot image the family left to hope and wonder endlessly. It must eat the soul. As must the atmosphere of suspicion. And, how do we ever prove guilt under such circumstances. Bad all around. I will pray for an unaccountably happy ending. Blessing and smiles in return!

San said...

Oh, I had forgotten about that wing nut who carved the 'B' in her face--that's some kind of sick, and an affront to women everywhere.

As are all the women who make up stories about being victimized. They're an affront to all women who are truly victimized. The Little Woman Who Called Wolf. A sad tale.

CoyoteFe said...

I agree. There are real people who need support and justice. These women are more than a distraction; they are victimizer.

Janie said...

I find myself becoming cynical about any news story I hear. There are the crazy wimmin who make up stuff, and there's the crazy news media who will report anything, no matter how absurd.
It's just a shame that police resources are wasted, not to mention the Amber alert. The more it is misused, the less likely people are to take it seriously when a child really is in danger. It's a sad world we live in.

CoyoteFe said...

Janie! Cynical out there in the red canyons and blooming plains? Say it ain't so! Ahhh, I know what you mean. Too true about the media's contribution to the madness too. Do those who create such stories think at all about the problems they cause, or are they wrapped too tightly in their own world?

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