Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hypocritical Oath

There is no one more dangerous than the disillusioned.

Yes, we all break rules. Every day we cross some line, ignore some agreement, flaunt our freedom at the expense of something. But, we each have made a decision to do so, and probably decided to do so long ago, and probably announced it with pride, because those rules were not important to us.

But some things are different. Each of us has a list of truths and rules that we hold in our heads and close to our hearts, and those life-laws are sacrosanct. They spring from the place where our version of humanity rests. They are the lines that must not be crossed. They are the acts that send Mama Bear into a tizzy. They are the encroachments that launch revolutions. They are the trespasses that make us cry then shout then march then revolt. Because those are the acts that revolt us.

Mark Danner has “leaked” the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) report detailing the participation of medical personnel in the torture of CIA detainees. Good for him. Good for truth. And, too bad for the people crying because the report was leaked against Red Cross policy. See: Rules Needing Breaking. Too bad for the doctors who claimed to be doctors and used their talents to measure misery. Too bad for the doctors who convinced themselves that helping monsters to extract confessions under duress served mankind.

God must have become rather sick of our antics, subterfuge, and secret brutalities, so she created the internet. Good for her.

Maybe these “health professionals" can use it to brush up on morals.


rebecca said...

I need to go read this and then I'll come back and comment. Thanks for the link....

Have a great day, Miss Fe!

Janie said...

Excellent points. The practice of medicine must exclude and shun the practice of torture. You're so right that the internet has allowed much subterfuge to surfact that would otherwise have stayed hidden. Perhaps that's why newspapers and mainstream media are in trouble? In so many cases, they have not spoken truth, and the internet information has proved them liars and assistants to the subterfuge.

Carolyn said...

What a provocative post. I just read both articles. How do we justify what we do to each other. How do we as a country as a world buy into what has happened, what is happening, what moral truth are we following, is there a truth?

CoyoteFe said...

I know! Long article, but worth the very sad read.


Thanks! One would think that Doctors Without Torture would be a no brainer. And, I know one has to be careful about what one finds on the net, but we have to appreciate the benefits of unfiltered information too. I think it is a scary thing to allow one group to control the information (TV, papers, etc.) I'd rather take my chances.

Thanks Carolyn!
We have been brutalizing each other for ... well, forever. Just when I think we have made progress, we step, nay, RUN backwards. I honestly do not know what to do about it. I think there is truth; maybe there are a number of truths. Unfortunately, there are many, many lies as well.

Lori Skoog said...

Fe my dear woman....you are always so tuned in to what is happening in this world. You have great compassion and sensitivity to what goes on around us.
Thank you for printing so much important information. You are a teacher, indeed. Tina (DJs Mom) and Roger were here tonight...they read you a lot and wonder when you are coming to Skoog Farm for a visit. They want me to tell you that there is an international Jazz Festival here in June. You are invited! and we want you to bring your Mom and Dad.

mountain.mama said...

Reading through that report, I couldn't breath, my hair was standing on end. I know we heard about the torture inflicted on prisoners, but I had not read about it in such detail.

It seems that the adage, "The more things change, the more they remain the same" is still true but I had hoped that the US stood for something better than that. Eight years of the Bush administration has proved it isn't so. And if not, then what? We have seen the enemy and we are them.

It breaks my heart what people do to each other.

San said...

I love the title of your post. Such healthcare professionals should be banished. To the insurance industry.

CoyoteFe said...

BRockport has an international Jazz Festival? I am beginning to believe that yours is a perfect town (with JUST enough controversy to keep everyone awake! And, you are inviting the Rivers? Do you know how much trouble we are? :-)
Wait til I tell my Mom!

Mountain Mam!
I'm with you. I cannot believe we have done these things. And, I cannot believe that we are defending it, or ignoring it, or rationalizing defending it or ignoring it.

I like the way you think! There must be an insurance hell in one of the circles.