Sunday, February 8, 2009

Snow Moon or Hunger Moon?

Moon over Malvern

“They” say February is the month in which we receive the heaviest snows; therefore, February’s full moon is named “Snow Moon.” Just when we stalk the yard, looking for the first flower; a hint of the first breeze that doesn’t blow directly from the icy mouth of Jack Frost; the first day that doesn’t end with the sun scurrying over the horizon at 6:00; February laughs, and dumps snow on our heads. Not in December when we are enraptured with visions of sugar plumbs, snowboards, and snow-hushed Silent Nights, but in February when we are slush-weary and pale. OK, Okay! Yes, there are hardy souls out there who delight in one more snow fort, one more toboggan run, one more ski jump, one more skate across the pond. Good for you.

“They” also say that the heavy snows of February severely limited hunting, causing starvation within the tribes. February’s full moon is also called “Hunger Moon.”

As we protest the snow, or dance through it, let us remember and reach out to those who wish complaining or cheering the weather were foremost in their minds. Food banks feel the economy too.


Maryanne said...

I saw la Luna last night and thought you might be out taking photos!

Janie said...

You expressed that so well! I love Native American names for the moons. So sad that some are hungry while others dance in joy or complain about what's ultimately insignificant.

Ken Mac said...

incredibly clear full moon!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time to be so articulate and beautiful?

CoyoteFe said...


My neighbors have started to snicker at me!

Janie -

So right. Our world is unbalanced. I complain about the weather for effect, Too many others are too busy looking for solutions to real problems to complain. I want to help them get to a place whether they feel comfortable enough to complain.


I ahd to take 25 shots to get that moon. And, it's STILL blurry! Argh!


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