Friday, February 6, 2009

First Friday Philly Drive-by

Tonight, I went down to Old City to see a friend's brother's art
opening at the Painted Bride Art Center.

Naturally, I had to take a few photos for Lori Skoog, and it was quite easy to accomplish, since traffic was a nightmare.

Did I mention the traffic?

I know. Must stop whining about 4 o'clock traffic.

At least the skyline was fine in the setting sun.

Yeah. I had plenty of time to enjoy it.

Can never drive by without ogling my favorite building, the Circa Centre

Can you spy Ben Franklin's head?

Random public art yearns for street lamp. If only someone would loosen her bonds ...

And, just like that, I'm here.

Robert Raczka gathered together objects and paintings that attracted him, and constructed an experience titled Cultural Artifacts. Every step contained a discovery,

In another gallery, Benjamin Pierce presents Transfigure (well, InLiquid presents Benjamin Pierce, so ... OK,) photography that riffs on the human form in ways that expose our interior landscape.

Naturally, no photos permitted. So sad.

Of course, I love to watch the people watching the art and each other.


Janie said...

I like the photo of the sun shining off a skyscraper, but I must admit I detest city traffic. That's why I live outside a town of 5000!

rebecca said...

Traffic. Blah! I used to be a city girl and be able to deal with it in my youth; but now I'm too much of a country mouse. blah, blah, blah!!!!

Hey, I came upon a terrific site: Check it out. A woman in Wyoming who adopted a wolf when he was 10 days old because it's parents had been killed. He's become part of her home and runs around with dogs, cats, you name it. I just loved it! I have to start reading her entries from the beginning though - you should see him at 10 days old, Fe! I want one! Seriously, what a nice thing she did. Go and check it out CoyoteFe!

CoyoteFe said...

Hallooo, Janie!

I love that you said you live OUTSIDE a town of 5000. You don't even want to be within the pressing masses of the town - that's terrific!


I used to spend a lot of time in the city, and people would ask me why I did not live there. I like to play there, but need the trees and grass nearby. Will check out your coyote site straightaway. AND, WHAT would your dearest think if you brought home an orphan WOLF??? Ha!

CoyoteFe said...


Strike that - What would your true love say of you brought home an orphan COYOTE! Was wondering why teh Daily Coyote was about a wolf - hahaha! Tcha - Such a bonnie pup!

rebecca said...

HA! Oops!! Now that's funny! Whatever....coyote, wolf, same thing to me, still cute. And the true loves (my furry felines Frodo, Miss Olivia and Devil) would not be pleased! And neither would the husband- hehe! He accuses me of collecting animals. *sigh* alas I cannot argue that.

CoyoteFe said...

Rebecca-san -

You are hysterical! You mean to say that your felines would quarrel with the injection of a wild coyote pup into (what must assuredly be) the delicate balance of your household???

AND, you mean to say that your soulmate does not view your critter-collecting habit with admiration???
G'wannnnn! nethinks you must misunderstand.

Maryanne said...

Hi Fe
Usually the worst is finding a place to park in Old City during first friday, you seem to have survived that issue. But First Friday is a load of fun, and worth the effort!

CoyoteFe said...


Between being late and lines of cars that were STILL snowed in on the streets, I just took the low road and paid $10 bucks to park! Come with next time!