Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Days to Go ...

Some call election years, "The Silly Seasons".

As we sprint (or trudge, depending on your perspective) toward Election Day, it is easy to be carried off by the last manic gyrations of the Wild Dance. But – if you can – try to let it go by. The cults of personality, the hyperbole, the distractions, the lies and innuendo, the ugly attacks, the sexism and racism, all the dreadful tactics that have everything to do with winning an election, and nothing to do with solving the issues of our times. Let it all pass by, out of your sight line, because it’s YOUR job to keep your eye on YOUR ball.

What exactly do YOU care about?

The Economy?
The War?
The Environment?
Civil Liberties?
International Relations?
National Security?

What is it that YOU think needs addressing?


There’s got to be something.

Think about it.

And, please vote.

(You can turn off the music at the bottom of my blog.)


ken mac said...

thanks for that fab Temptations track!

CoyoteFe said...

You are welcome!

rebecca said...

oh, i'm voting all right! and have you heard of the turnouts they are having this election year? i'm keeping my fingers crossed. did you see obama's half hour infomercial last night? brilliant move. i tell you the way this man has run this campaign with very minute errors just exemplifies the kind of leader he's going to be. both reps and dems alike have to give him kudos on that. this man is destined for greatness and i told my husband that he reminds me of this generation's MLK, that's how much he moves me when he speaks. he's a natural born speaker with an intellect to match.

and, i got your message on joe the plumber! oh, joe the plumber, joe the plumber....what can i say? his fifteen minutes of fame just swelled that head of his to ginormous proportions...bleh!

CoyoteFe said...

Good girl! And, I liked the infomercial much! I hope he wins, does well, faciliates us turning this country around, and restores our rep.

Joe the Plumber> Eesssh!

Lori Skoog said...

Fe...I so agree with you and Rebecca...SJ has such different feelings....To each his own I guess.

Stitchina Moon said...

I've already voted - absentee ballot.

CoyoteFe said...

Stitchina moon -


CoyoteFe said...

Lori -

That's why we vote. :-)