Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Politics of Love

“Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. Marriage that blessed arrangement. That dream within a dream.”
- The Impressive Clergyman from “The Princess Bride”

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."
- Bible: KJ Version, Leviticus 18:22

(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

Honest to God.

Of all the prohibitions in the Bible, THIS is the one that gives us nightmares? Of all the sins we commit each day, THIS generates the greatest angst? THIS we rise up against? The fact that a man loves a man, or a woman cleaves to a woman is the best line in the sand we can draw when the world is crumbing around out ears?

Last week, Californians, Arizonans and Floridians – upstanding citizens all, I gather – passed ballot measures designed to curb same-sex marriage.

I have to ask: What were you all thinking? Exactly what do you think you are fighting (for)?

Interestingly, California Proposition 8 passed with significant support from African-Americans. Given the historical prohibitions on interracial marriage (not to mention the problems with slave marriage) y’all should know better. The result is that Californians voted to take away the rights of their neighbors. Think about that for a moment. Voted to take away a right. Relationships that are, frankly, none of our business, caused them to rise up and say:

“Screw you! Your love is anathema. Back in the closet for you, Chester!”

So, Why?

Do you fear that civilization will disintegrate under the weight of too much “different” love? Does the joy of those who don’t match your online dating profile bring you pain? Or, is this puzzle more twisted? Perhaps you hope a law will save you from something hidden within YOUR heart. I have to tell you: No law will do that, because love, like everything else always finds a way.

Frankly, As long as two people are in a position to consent, I don’t give a #@&% who they #@&%. Do you? Do you really?

We are - each one of us - unique. Differentiated by sex and skin and faith and sensibility, we stand as one. We are - each of us - exactly as created, and if God wanted it differently, she would make it so.

And, still we come together.

So, get over yourselves.

And, get use to it.


rebecca said...

I find this whole thing ludricous. I'm with you all the way. What right do we have to condemn another for their preference if they are not harming us in any way? They are not deviants out to molest your children or brainwash them (as many people I believe, believe). They have as much right to happiness and to the rights afforded every other citizen of these United States as we do. They pay taxes, they vote, they raise families, they care, they love. They are no different than you and I except in who they choose to love. If I choose to love someone of a different race, that is considered acceptable and not harming you nor I; if I choose to love someone of a different religion, that is considered acceptable and not harming you nor I. But if I choose to love someone that looks like me, that is considered unacceptable and the people - the people that do not pay my taxes, dry my tears, know my pain - have a right to determine if my love is acceptable and oh, let's not forget, we have to pass a proposition to make sure that it is stopped dead in its track because God forbid where would our country then go? To hell in a handbasket? Ludicrous, insulting, hurtful, spiteful, mean.

Please, let people be and get over yourselves. People should mind their business and concentrate on more pressing issues at hand. I am betting these same people that have an aversion to this type of lifestyle are the very ones that would not like if others voted against what goes on behind their own bedroom doors!

CoyoteFe said...

Yeah, Miss -

We are built to see the sin in others, and shuttered to the sin in ourselves. And, we can't mind our own business. If we do, it will be the end of civilization! You named it: Ludicrous.